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Keep All the Heat In

A new way of thinking about foundations has brought the possibility of Thermal Passive homes into reality. The common sense of building up a foundation to keep you out of the soft wet ground makes sense. The Dictionary says foundation:- "the lowest load-bearing part of a building, typically below ground level." Now with Expanded Polystyrene being used as insulation, combined with careful planning and effective use or reinforced concrete we can place insulation UNDERNEATH the foundations.

What Does Insulation Under Foundations Achieve?

THERMAL MASS, We all know that if you put a tea cosy on a pot of tea, the tea will stay drinkable longer. We all know if you put a coat on, so too, will you stay warmer. The Thicker the coat, the warmer you'll be. By putting a big coat under your foundations all the heat in your foundations STAYS in the core of your home.  More importantly all the COLD outside your foundations Stays Out,  by blocking Thermal bridging.

Thermal bridging.

Keeping the comparisons to normal life going, thermal bridging can be compared in so many ways to taking a roast out of the oven. When the roast is done no-one reaches in without at least a tea towel to protect your heads from the heat..... but if the teatowel is damp the damp in the towel will bridge the heat to you hands resulting in nasty burn. So if any of our home is directly connected to cold of outside that cold will be bridged inside. By creating a Expanded Polystyrene Raft foundation Underneath our reenforced foundations we keep the cold out and the heat in