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Off-Site Construction offers significant time savings. Building construction and site preparation occur at the same time.

  • Traditional - Site work must be completed before construction begins
  • Passive Building Structures - Site work and building construction occur at the same time saving as much as 60% of total construction time.

Traditional Site Built Construction - Sqeuential Process

Design, Permitting, Engineering, Approval Process
Site Preparation, Civil Engineering, Infrastructure
Site Construction, 
Mechanical Installation,
Finish Work

Off-Site Construction Timeline

Off-Site Construction - Concurrent Process

Design, Permitting, Engineering, Approval Process
Site Preparation


30-60% Time Savings


Save Money

Off-Site modular construction saves customers money compared to traditional construction methods due to more efficient manufacturing and material sourcing process.

  • Traditional - All materials are locally sourced, with single-project pricing and delivery
  • Passive Building Structures - Materials are centrally sourced with national contracts and leveraged purchasing power

Higher Quality

Off-Site modular construction offers increased building quality due to the controlled construction environment.

  • Traditional - Project is exposed to weather and other elements
  • Passive Building Structures – Off-Site Construction facilities are enclosed and secure protecting against weather damage and delays as well as theft during construction

Stronger Units

Off-Site modular construction practices provide stronger structures than site built construction to better withstand hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

  • Traditional - Less building materials used, code requirements are less strict
  • Passive Building Structures – Buildings are designed to withstand transportation and crane installation. All Passive Building Structures buildings meet or exceed building codes and provide improved durability

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