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insulated concrete form wallsThe walls of your new home are panels made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and Ties made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) create a Concrete Form that accommodates vertical and horizontal Reinforcing Steel. This form of structure if fully flexible and can accommodate any style of curve, arch or any other design detail you and your architect imagine.

Filling the cavity with concrete creates solid, reinforced concrete walls with 2-4 hour Fire Resistance Ratings (FRR), low maintenance, and outstanding durability. The EPS Forming System stays in place to provide space to run small utilities, serve as backing for finishes, and incorporate superior, continuous insulation layers. The high insulation values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass can achieve significant energy savings for building owners, operators, and tenants over the building's longer lifetime.

Build unlimited wall widths, many different insulation values, corners, angles, T-walls, columns, pilasters, and radius walls, using just a few standard components.

Off Site Construction

Your walls are predesigned to your architects specifications arrive to your site ready for extremely rapid assembly and filling. Check the images below